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We are committed to building a lasting relationship with our clients.

CASE 1. 

Navinfo Global Vision 2022

Navinfo is a leading Chinese technology company to become the “Digital Brain of Intelligent Driving” with core business in connected car, navigation and automotive-grade semiconductors for ADAS and autonomous driving.

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CyNergy Consulting was requested to assist them to accelerate in the semiconductor industry and support them in transforming itself into a major play in autonomous driving.


The successful delivery of this project deepened the footprint of our client in the semiconductor industry, enlarged the industrial network as well as aligned on the future development.


Due to Confidentiality Agreement, no details can be disclosed. The group CEO of this client complimented CyNergy Consulting in front of their international collaboration partner.


We had not hired advisors in Europe before CyNergy Consulting. We did not expect that they were that good.

- Group CEO of Navinfo Patrick Cheng


CASE 2. 

Business Cluster Semiconductors Netherlands

Business Cluster Semiconductors Netherlands (BCS NL) is a national network of semiconductor companies and knowledge institutes active in the entire value chain of research, design, development, production and application of Advanced ICs, MEMS, Sensors and Wireless Systems.


CyNergy was asked to support BCS, in particular its members, to expand their businesses in China in the semiconductor industry as part of the BCS BASE China program.


By leveraging our network and reputation in the Chinese semiconductor industry, BCS and its members became widely known in the Chinese industrial circle. Our targeted service also shortened the lead time for Dutch semiconductor companies to collaborate with Chinese partners. Our excellent support also consolidated our reputation in the EU semiconductor industry.



CyNergy Consulting is a true partner for our BCS members and has a deep understanding of our needs. We have also recommended the CyNergy team to others and will continue to do so! 


- Managing Director of BCS NL Barry Peet

CASE 3. 

Xiamen Semiconductor Investment Group Co., Ltd

xiamen investment

Xiamen Semiconductor Investment Group Co., Ltd. (XMSIG) is an investment company focusing on the semiconductor industry. XMSIG operates by means of direct investment, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), joint ventures, capital operations and funds management.



CyNergy was requested to find the right collaboration partners or investment targets and design the right structure for collaboration or investment for XMSIG.

XMSIG has made their name widely known in the EU semiconductor industry, from governmental institutions, key opinion leaders to commercial organisations, with some cases where XMSIG is the preferred collaboration partner for EU semiconductor companies.   

We view the relationship with CyNergy as a long-term trustworthy partnership, which is not just a traditional supplier and customer relationship. What the CyNergy team has delivered is far beyond our expectations. They are absolutely invaluable to our organisation and we look forward to continue to work with CyNergy as strategic partners in the years to come.




- Managing Director of XMSIG Wang Huilian

 - Partial clients -

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